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Sheffield Distillery Est. 2017

The inspiration of 4 (now 5) keen spirit lovers from Sheffield, who, whilst attending the many spirits tastings at The Commercial Inn, decided that they wanted to make spirits properly. By hand and using smell, taste, sight, intuition, knowledge and passion.

These foundations proved fruitful as early on in our journey we gained the permission of the Sheffield Assay Master to use the 'Assay' name and Sheffield Assay Mark on every bottle of our exceptional spirits.

The Gin and Vodka is made onsite at The Commercial Inn, Chapeltown. In a custom built distillery situated in the beer garden. Our products are slow distilled in a hand hammered copper pot still, so that a clean alcohol is produced with an exquisite and unique syrupy mouthfeel.

The Gin is made from all natural ingredients, no artificial flavourings are used in the process only whole botanicals. The Gins, where applicable, use natural colourings (artificial colouring is used in the St. Clement's). We make sure that Liquorice root is included in all our gins as an homage to the iconic "Trebor Bassett's Liquorice Allsorts" located and founded in Sheffield. 

Our Award Winning Assay Vodka is un-filtered and contains purified water.

The Flavoured Vodkas contain no artificial flavourings or colourings. For example, the Roasted Rhubarb Vodka is carefully distilled with locally sourced rhubarb, Caster Sugar and whole Madagascan vanilla pods that were roasted to caramelisation before distillation and contains natural colouring and flavouring.

All bottles are hand labelled, corked and wax dipped to create an authentic finish to the product.

We highly recommend London Essence mixers for our products.

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