Our Second Seasonal, Limited Edition Gin. Only 208 bottles produced.


8 months in the pipeline, with production starting in January when we received 500 Sorrento Lemons. Peeled by hand, by some willing (ish) volunteers, the peels were left to steep in alcohol until the second week in May. Plenty of time to extract the wonderful Sorrento Lemon flavour.


Then came the time to strain and drain, ready for the sugar syrup, to make our Lemon Alcohol in to Authentic Limoncello.


After the Limoncello had a week or so to infuse fully, it was time for distillation, using our hand hammered copper-pot still, some of our favourite botanicals (including our signature Juniper content) and running the still as cool as possible.


Here it is, our Limoncello Gin.


All the flavours you (and we) love of Authentic Limoncello and high quality Craft Gin, with none of the sugar! (the sugar stays in the still)

Assay Limoncello Gin- Summer Limited Edition

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