The Glenlivet.


What the Americans tagged as 'Scotch'.


One of our favourite Distilleries which is highlighted by this set. The 25 year old is the most expensive whisky we sell, the Cipher and Code are very rare and the Enigma is/was only available in the U.S. and it was rare at that. 


Quite simply, you cannot sample these 4 whiskies in one country together, for a price anywhere near this.


The set;

1x5cl The Glenlivet Cipher

1x5cl The Glenlivet Code

1x5cl The Glenlivet Enigma

1x5cl The Glenlivet 25 Year Old

Tasting Notes for the 25 Year Old

Blank Tasting notes for the Enigma, Code and Cipher for you to fill in (that was how they were released)

The Glenlivet Super Premium and Extremely Rare Tasting Flight


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