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Vodka Cocktails

Commie-Politan 3.jpg



50ml Assay Vodka 
25ml Cointreau 
25ml Cranberry Juice
25ml Fresh Lime Juice




Ice your glass.


Fill the cocktail shaker 2 thirds full with ice.


Into the cocktail shaker add 50ml Assay Vodka, 25ml Cointreau, 25ml Cranberry Juice and 25ml fresh lime juice.


Shake until it's 'too cold to hold', then pour through a sieve into your iced glass.


Cut a slice of lime into quarters and slide all 4 pieces onto a long cocktail stick for a garnish. 

This is our take on a Cosmopolitan.  The name pays homage to The Commercial Inn, where the Distillery is based.

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