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Distilled in the same way as the Assay Vodka. Our Roasted Rhubarb Vodka distills fresh Yorkshire  Rhubarb, Roasted with Whole Split Madagascan Vanilla Pods, it is then cut to bottling strength with purified water, natural rhubarb and vanilla extracts.


Tasting Notes

Nose- Citrus initially albeit shortlived as the sweet Rhubarb takes over. Light vanilla acts as a rich support medium and allows the cocoa butter that comes from the plain vodka to make an appearance. Rhubarb sour tang sits in the background.


Palate- Syrupy texture and citrus noticeable first, then the light peppery heat from the alcohol. The pepper heat then leads in to sweet and sour Rhubarb and soothing vanilla.


Finish- Sweet and Sour Rhubarb tails off leaving rich Vanilla.



Roasted Yorkshire Rhubarb

Caster Sugar

Split Madagascan Vanilla Beans

Neutral Grain Ethanol

Purified Yorkshire Water

Natural Rhubarb and Vanilla Flavouring

Natural Colouring

Assay Roasted Rhubarb Vodka

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