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Strawberry Jam and Whole Black Peppercorns are slow distilled. The Vodka is then added to a large amount of Fresh Strawberries and more Whole Black Peppercorns to steep. The steeping time is where the fresh strawberry flavour and the colour come from, with the mild warmth of pepper coming through on the finish. Natural Colouring and flavouring.


Tasting Notes

Nose- Bright, natural strawberry wafts up from the glass like strawberry cordial. Black pepper spice sits underneath the main strawberry aroma.


Palate- Really thick and syrupy on the palate. Strawberry flavour from the nose intensifies in the mouth. Black pepper spice backs up the Strawberry and is wrapped up in smooth alcohol.


Finish- Long and sweet, but not overly sweet as the Black Pepper and alcohol balances out the Strawberry. Black Pepper lingers for a long time, gradually fading away.



Neutral Grain Ethanol

Purified Yorkshire Water

Strawberry Jam

Black Peppercorns

Fresh Strawberries

Natural Strawberry Flavouring

Natural Colouring

Assay Strawberry Jam & Black Pepper Vodka

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