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Vodka Cocktails

Vodka Espresso Wide

Vodka Espresso 


50ml Assay Vodka
50 ml Amarula
100ml Espresso coffee
2 teaspoons of caster sugar


Ice your glass.


Fill your shaker two thirds full with ice.

Then add in your Assay Vodka, the espresso coffee and the caster sugar into your shaker.


Pop on the lid and shake vigorously, until its 'too cold to hold'.


Before pouring, empty out the ice from your glass as it will be suitably cold now.


Pour through a strainer into the glass.


Using your long handled spoon, hold upside down, against the inside of the glass to layer the Amarula Cream, so it sits on top of the coffee and vodka mix.


Once settled garnish with 3 coffee beans by delicately placing on top of the Amarula Cream 

Team work, makes the dream work.  This is no exception, Smith Street Coffee & award winning Assay Vodka, a match made in heaven.

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