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Vodka Cocktails

Assay Vodka Sheffield Bloody Mary

Sheffield Bloody Mary


50ml Assay Vodka

Tomato juice

Lemon wedge



Henderson's Relish


Run a lemon wedge around half the rim of the glass and dip in salt to create a salt rim halfway round.


Fill the glass with ice.


Then fill your cocktail shaker 2 thirds full with ice, add in your Assay Vodka, tomato juice to taste, [we found we found it best to add around 80ml at first then add more if needed] a sprinkle of pepper and a few dashes of Hendersons relish. 

Shake vigorously until the shaker gets 'too cold to hold'.


Strain the liquid, discarding your used ice into your freshly iced glass.


Add more Henderson's Relish to taste and garnish, we prefer a lemon wedge but you can choose from a variety of garnishes including:

Cocktail Dill/Gherkins

Fresh Tomatoes




A Rasher of Bacon

A Quail Egg

The world is your oyster… oh yes, those too!

In the 16th Century Mary Queen of Scots was kept prisoner at Sheffield Manor Lodge & Sheffield Castle.  In homage to her incarceration we have taken her namesake cocktail and given it a Sheffield twist.

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