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Gin Cocktails

Assay London Dry Gin Christmas Negroni

Christmas Negroni


50ml Assay St Clements Gin
50ml Campari
50ml Martini Rosso



A Clementine

3 Cloves 

A Cinnamon Stick


An easy cocktail to make, ice your glass, we like to use one big ice cube.

Add all 3 ingredients together and stir until diluted to your taste.


For garnish stud half of the Clementine with the cloves and add to the drink along, squeeze the juice from the other half into the glass and stir with a Cinnamon Stick.

For a none festive Negroni, substitute the Assay St Clements for Assay London Dry and garnish with a orange peel twist or wedge/slice of orange.

The favourite cocktail of our Head Distiller, with a festive twist

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