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Our multi award winning flagship Vodka blended with Honey from our friends at More Bees Please.


Check out what they do here


Our multi-award winning vodka is slow distilled twice in our hand crafted copper pot still with purified water. After distillation the Vodka is brought down to bottling strength using More Bees Please Honey.


Once bottled, we seal the product with More Bees Please beeswax.


*Please Note;- This is a product that will vary depending on the season the honey is produced. It may be hazy or clear, light or dark. It is perfectly normal. We haven't been able to teach the bees the value of consistency yet, but..... there is a certain romance to it.


Tasting Notes

Nose- Soft with a deep rich honey sweetness.


Palate- Classic Assay mouth-coating texture dialed up to 11 with the addition of honey. Sweet with lovely complex honey notes.


Finish- Comforting sweet notes linger.



Neutral Grain Ethanol

Purified Yorkshire Water

More Bees Please Honey

Assay Honey Vodka

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    Free Delivery for Orders £100 and above. (U.K. Mainland Only)

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